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Inspiration and instructions for our President’s Quilt



Favorite people, places, and things

Her very cute dog, Riley
Her Lovely cat Charlie
Maui, Hawaii, and all things Tropical
England, where she was bon and went to school
Your smiling face/self portrait
And her favorite colors are aqua, green, pink, yellow and red.

Block instructions for Jennifer’s Favorite Things

  1. Your design must fit within a 5” square in the middle of your fabric block.  The committee will square up all blocks after they are turned in so PLEASE do NOT cut your block down.  There must be a minimum of 1 inch all around your design.
  2. All method of applique, embroidery, piecing, etc. are welcome.  If you apply raw edge applique, please zigzag the edges.
  3. Embellishments are find, just do NOT attach them to your block.  Put them into a small baggie with your name on it and staple it to the edge of your block.  The committee will attach them after quilting.
  4. Your name is very important.  Please write your name close to the edge of your design so it doesn’t get cut off when the blocks are squared up.  I will have some pens to use if you forget to sign your name.