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 Quilts in Bloom Auction Quilts (3 of 4 pages)

 Auction is Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 2:30pm

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(25) Vintage “as is” Wedding Ring
75" x 105”
Donor anonymous
(This beautiful top is not finished)

Vintage Wedding Ring

(27) Winter Grey & Red
93" x 93”
Jackie Jacobs

Winter Grey & Red

(29) Sunflower 
56" x 56”
Sue Peters

(31) Dachshund quilt 
55" x 71”
Jean Impey

Dachsund Quilt 

(33) Vintage Paper Dolls 
62" x 62”
Sharon Farley
Quilted by Cosmic Quilts

Vintage Paper Dolls

(35) Happy Christmas! 
52" x 72"
Patricia Pardoen  
Quilted by Patricia

Happy Christmas

(26) Blooming Butterflies 
39" x49”
Sharon Ludwig
Quilted by Brenda Wey

Blooming Butterflies

(28) Summer Village
 53" x 65" 
Scrapbaggers Friendship Group
Quilted by Sherri Peltier

Summer Village

(30) Happy Birthday banner 
35" x 13”
Mary Arntz

Happy Birthday Banner

(32) Firefighters!
50" x 69”
Pat Price

Fire Fighters!

(34) Union Jack
73" x 76”
Sherri Peltier

Union Jack

(36) Flowers In The Garden
60" x 72”
Blocks donated to Philanthropy
Pieced by Judy Bethe
Quilted by MaryAnn Wahl

Flowers in the Garden