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Beach Cities Quilters Guild
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December 2023

Holiday Program
No workshop or speaker dinner this month

                            Diane Knott - January Meeting 


Join us for an inspiring journey with Diane Knott, a true Southern spirit! Born and raised in south Louisiana, Diane's life has been a tapestry of experiences—from her years as a flight attendant to embracing motherhood and homeschooling. Discover her quilting odyssey that began in 1997, leading to the creation of Butterfly Threads Quilting in 2012. Diane's passion has graced publications like Quilt Magazine and Primitive Quilts. She'll share insights from her books, Scrap Quilt Secrets and Strip Quilt Secrets, unveiling the artistry behind her over a dozen published patterns. Discover the artistry that now fills Diane's empty nest—sew your own stories with her!


         Christa Watson - February Meeting


Embark on a quilting journey with Christa Watson, an acclaimed quiltmaker hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada. With two inspiring books, "Machine Quilting with Style" and "The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting," Christa has mastered the artistry of quilting. Delve into her traditional roots that paved the way for a passion in modern quilting, as she shares the secrets of her creative process. Christa is not just an award-winning quilter; she's a dedicated cheerleader for DIY quilting, passionate about every stitch. Join her lecture for an immersive experience, where the world of quilting unfolds through her captivating stories and insights. Connect with this quilting luminary on social media @christaquilts, and let the thread of inspiration weave through your own quilting adventure.



Coming Soon - 2024 Speakers

March - Maria Shell
April - Jennifer Sampou
May - Cindy Lobec
June - Jack Edson
July - Jean Impey
August - Members Showcase
September - Arlene Arnold